‘’As an artist it would be fair to say that my work takes over my life, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way’’.

Intrigued and inspired by my surroundings my work is at times random, and emotional. Bursting with colour and boldness its sculptural and poetic form can take on many a diverse range.

From abstract to functional, non-functional to concrete, no form is set in stone and I love dabbling in anything from designing and making jewellery to painting and creative sculpture.

A published poet and established international artist, I continue to enjoy the days and nights in the studio surrounded by scraps of metal, odds and ends of fabric and heavy, slightly imposing tools and machinery.

My best friend is my blow torch and following closely behind is my sketch book. I tend to play and then document, a process that works well for me.

Being inspired by the things around me, my feelings, and people that I love and then to use that inspiration to create something is truly a privilege.

I find it hard to answer the ultimate question ‘what inspires me’ because it would be too difficult to narrow down. I could be walking along the beach inspired by the striations of organic layers yet similarly inspired by the straight lines, angles and bleakness of industrial factories along the skyline. Whatever the source of inspiration, the outcome and style tends to be the same.  I love that something a little bit different, that something ‘quirky’ because surely that creation of something that has touched your mind and soul cannot be recreated by someone else in the same way.